Best Website Development Plan

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Best Website Development Plan

Essential features of website development that you need to know as a website owner

With increased competition in the present world scenario, top class website development plan is no more the developer’s sole task. It is in fact the website owner’s competitive spirit that defines the business prospect on the internet. Site owners are getting more demanding in their needs. Studies have shown that a discerning website owner, who emphasis’s on being unique and in standing out from the rest, is most often the one to taste a quicker sure-shot-success. In fact, most of the thousands of websites now target on providing something very unique for its visitors. Although similar product based websites abound in hundreds, uniqueness brings things that competitor sites do not offer regardless of their being similar in nature.

It has now become quite imperative for a website owner to know the nuances of a good website. No matter to which part of the world you belong, there are always definite indispensable elements that a website is required to possess.

Before you embark on your website creation endeavour, keep yourself well informed of the essential and necessary features that need be present on your website. I have put up the most essential features that you need to know about your proposed site – so that you can get it designed and developed as a knowledgeable and discerning website owner. You no longer will be left at the mercy of software companies.

Essential features that need be incorporated on a successful website

Feature 1: Home page, Privacy Policy Page and About Us Page

The home page of your website should clearly state the product or service you intend to offer and ought to have that special message which you consider as the most important specialty of the service/product you offer. In marketing terms it refers to your USP (unique selling proposition).

The privacy policy page is a must for every website. Here you can make a declaration of the professional ethics of your company when it comes to protecting the personal privacy of your prospective customers. You can explain them on how their personal information will be used by your company. You can even assure them that such information would never be misused, either by them or by a third party.

The About Us Page is another very essential page for your website. Proving genuineness to your company and its products/services, this page briefly outlines your company activity and details other information such as the contact address of your companies head office, address of branches if any, email id’s, phone and fax number etc.

Feature 2: Have Site Mapping for more complex sites

Visitors should not find it difficult to locate your website’s internal links. There should be an easy to use provision for searching and locating all likely content of your internal pages. Having a site mapping functionality is the sign of a good website.

Feature 3: Make minimum use of frames

Ask the developers to make the least use of frames on your website as it can produce severe uploading issues and can affect the scope of mass popularity. Try using AJAX where possible.

Feature 4: Use client side scripting but don’t overuse it

As we all know, JavaScript or any other scripting language offers extra functionality to the client side of a website and even speeds up operations on a number of occasions. However, excessive use of the script can dampen the hard work as some computers could encounter technical issues. Hence, JavaScript shouldn’t be overused.

Feature 5: Relate your website theme with the product and target audience

The theme and artistic elements of your website design and layout should be related to suit the target audience of your website.

Feature 6: Ensure website compatibility on popular browsers

Your website might just not work well on every browser. Hence, speak out to the designers and developers about compatibility of your website on the most popular browsers. Check out for yourself if it works on all the popular browsers.

Feature 7: Check for an error free content

Get into every tiny detail of the website content, captions, graphic elements etc and ensure that it is totally error free. Look out for both grammatical and spelling errors.

Feature 8: Keep options open for spring up a surprise

Ask our developer and designers to keep options wide open for you to spring up a surprise for the website visitors. You may add a new skin or probably change the images on the home page for an occasion like for example: New Year or Christmas. You could also occasionally change the article content or add a new video etc. This sustains visitor interest in your website.

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