Dear webmaster, don’t trust Google on links

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Dear webmaster, don’t trust Google on links

I’m not exactly a fan of non-crawlable content, but here it goes, provided by Joshua Titsworth (click on a tweet in order to favorite and retweet it):

What has to be said

[View the story “A rant on Google’s outlandish link policy by SebastianX” on Storify]

Google’s link policy is ape shit. They don’t even believe their own FUD. So don’t bother listening to crappy advice anymore. Just link out without fear and encourage others to link to you fearlessly. Do not file reinclusion requests in the moment you hear about a Googlebug on your preferred webmaster hangout, because you might have spread a few shady links by accident, and don’t slaughter links you’ve created coz the almighty Google told you so.

Just because a bazillion of flies can’t err, that doesn’t mean you’ve to eat shit.

Is anybody aware of the fact that the prerequisite of Google’s absurd link policy is their algo’s inability to judge links?

First they’ve created a huge link economy with their silly PageRank toolbar and green pixels spread all over their DMOZ clone.

Next they were totally surprised that their shiny system was easy to manipulate, and that sooo evil webmasters are clever at all.

Instead of developing tools to rate, rank and judge links independently of the source’s PageRank, they declared war on HTML’s A element.

Of course, it’s way easier to delegate responsibility for “natural” linkage to the world outside building 43, providing only a crappy …

… rel-nofollow instrument that, by the way, suffered from several redefines confusing the hell out of webmasters over the years, than …

… hiring a few bright folks to create sensible methods and procedures to actually interpret links as provided in the markup.

IIRC I earned my first penalty for huge artificial link swaps way back in 2001 or so, maybe earlier.

One should think that a bunch of smart engineers can figure out how to handle links for ranking purposes in a decade, right? Not.

Frankly, I suspect Google can qualify links by now, but out of sheer evilness they still bother us with outlandish rules on googley linkage.

Why don’t they say “THX for your assistance & gazillions of wasted man years for implementing our rules, we don’t need this crap anymore” ?

That’ll be the geek way to handle a major clusterfuck. Coz they still nebulize the truth, they’re un-geeky.

I don’t know a worse cuss word than un-geeky. #thatisall

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