Best of SMX Israel

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Best of SMX Israel

Another great conference! Here were the best lines and lessons:

Best ideas

Merry Morud On Facebook you can edit the headlines on articles you post. So I changed the headline on the SMX Israel article to “SMX Israel welcomes Merry Morud.” My family doesn’t get how this stuff works, so they just think I’m awesome.

Merry Morud: Just signing up for Twitter’s promoted Tweets program and putting a little money in gets you access to great analytics or your non-promoted Tweets too.

Eli Feldblum: Brand name + coupon is one of the most frequent keywords for most brands. So put up a coupons page. You don’t even need coupons. See Zappos’ coupon page.

Eli Feldblum: Don’t just write and promote new posts, resurrect the old ones. Keep the same URL and periodically add a paragraph, change the angle, change the headline. Re-promote it. Accumulate social signals and links.

Aaron Friedman: Do a site search on for long boring information. Make it fun and digestible and exciting.

Aaron Friedman: I think Google took keyword data away because people were creating crap content for it.

Alan K’necht: If you switch your site to SSL Bing & Yahoo will pass the data.

Ari Nahmani: How many of you read BuzzFeed? How many of you write on it. Only 3 of you, and 2 of you are from Kahena [his company]. Write a good list, where a great piece of content of yours is relevant to embed as 1 of the numbers.

Ari Nahmani: Remarketing works well for posts that do well organically. Send engaged users to a post they haven’t read. [Hat tip: @Hadassah_Levy]

Eli Feldblum: Wikipedia isn’t as tight or anti-corporate as it was a few years ago. If a company executive is mentioned in a few real news articles, you can give him or her a Wikipedia profile. You can fill out infoboxes with updated information even if it’s about a corporate entity that’s your client.

Barry Schwartz: There are Googlers in the room. Talk to them to get help. They won’t bite. Though they may penalize you later.

Tom Harari: You’d be surprised at the kind of influencer friends you can make in a year. [he gave some good tips to do it].

Ari Roth: Take successful search & display ads to video – 50% report lower CPA and higher engagement! [Hat tip: @Hadassah_Levy]

Most unexpected advice:

John Mueller: HTTPS isn’t exactly a ranking factor today but users want a secure web and you should be moving that way.

Best Tweets

David Wiseman ‏@daw1975 : Asked some1 his name at #smx as his lanyard was backwards. His answer : “not provided”
Not to play into stereotypes of Jews being obsessed with food, but:
Ben Heligman ‏@bheligman  thank you to the @inbalhotel for the best meal I have had in months. Oh and for hosting.
Ari Nahmani ‏@AriNahmani : #SMXIsrael’s new slogan should be: “SMX Israel – we do it for the lunch” – cc: @inbalhotel
Ari Roth ‏@aroth26: Rating prompt idea: do you enjoy app? Y/N? if No, direct to feedback, NOT rating page! #genius [Hey whose idea was this?]

Best coverage

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.

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