SEO with your iPhone

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SEO with your iPhone

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All the SEO’s with an iPhone I need your help

With todays world of SEO’s having to be on their game so much I know I am using my iPhone more and more to help me do more of the tasks that I need to do. The idea of the little hand held computer being able for me to call up an app and do a SEO task is very exciting one for me and it also allows me to not be tied to my desk all day all the time.

I have 2 or 3 for SEO that I use but I know there are more of them out there in the iTunes store

What I need from you all to take a sec or two and add a comment below with the apps you use in your iPhone to help you with your SEO work while you are away from your desk.

Add one add ten. Add the name or a link to the app. just add your favorites. If you want also tell me why you like or don’t like the ones you use. Dose it mater if they are free or paid?

I am looking to create a list of apps that can be used for SEO work.

I want to take the list of iPhone SEO apps and break it into some categories. The list of categories I was thinking of using is:

  • Research
  • Reporting
  • Rankings
  • Analytics

Re these the right categories? Am I missing any categories? Would you add or rename any of them?

Once I have a good list I will publish the list here with some of your comments but, also pick some of the apps and writes a reviews on the ones that get the most mentions or most comments.

Thanks in advance for your help and as always thanks for reading

SEO-with-your-iPhone SEO with your iPhone

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