Apple MD760B/A 13.3 inch MacBook Air Dual Core i5 , 1.3GHz, Turbo Boost 4GB Ram ,128HDD, Intel HD Graphic 5000 2 x USB 3.0 Mac OX and iLife

Flash storage helps make MacBook Air incredibly thin and light – under an inch and as little as 1.35 kg. Flash is also solid state, meaning there are no moving parts. Which makes it reliable, durable, and quiet. And it takes up much less space than a traditional hard drive – about 90 percent less, in fact. That creates room for other important things, like a bigger battery. So you have a notebook that weighs almost nothing and runs all day long. Now that’s mobility mastered. Multi-Touch technology is part o



13.3-inch Display

Intel Dual Core i5 4250U 1.3 GHz Processor

Up to 12 hours of battery life

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